Hansel and Gretel Children’s eBook Feature This Week

This weeks featured Children’s Classic is Hansel and Gretel. This is a personal favorite of mine and I am happy to feature it this week! This classic children’s  fairy tale is available in eBook, Video, Smartphone and iPhone Apps  and Combo Packages (both eBook and Video) . Also, Knowledge Works Company is offering a Buy One, Get One special for the purchase of any children’s eBook or combo package from the website. Simply enter in Promo Code “FB” and you will get a matching a FREE eBook or Combo package of your choice! To order your children’s classics, go to the website and start adding to your cart. Then at checkout, enter in the Promo Code for your discount.

Hansel and Gretel

children's ebook app hansel and gretel

 This classic fairy tale of Germanic origin has been told many times in many cultures. It was recorded by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. The story tells the tale of a young brother and sister who are abandoned by their step-mother in the forest. Left to fend for themselves, they discover an odd house made of candy and cake… and a scary old witch who lives inside.

This delightful tale can be purchased from our website and will be ready immediately for you to download. We offer Hansel and Gretel in eBook for tablets, PC/Mac and smartphones and also in video that is cross compatible will all video players and devices. Order a Classic Children’s Story by clicking on the link. You can also get this children’s eBook app from the iTunes App store for iPad and iPhone by going here.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Hansel and Gretel Kids ebook app


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