Interactive Educational Software for Children

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Knowledge Works Company proudly presents our new series of educational software designed to turn beginning and young readers into avid readers.

Every program is a mulch-dimensional teaching tool which includes an interactive story that auto reads the story from beginning to end, or it can be read page by page, or the sound can be turned off/on at any time to allow the student to attempt to read without assistance. Each storybook page contains one or more vocabulary words for additional reinforcement. The mouse function allows the student to click on a specific vocabulary word. That word is then pronounced, a definition is displayed, and the word is spelled out with audio. There are four to five interactive activities in each storybook designed to practice vocabulary and comprehension skills. Dynamically generated questions provide an unlimited source of problem-solving combinations that keep repeated activities fun, fresh, and interesting.

Each workbook contains 14 pages of fun and interesting activities which hold the student’s interest while learning. All activities are correlated to the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards. An Adobe PDF copy of each workbook is included and images can be printed on paper or overhead film for classroom use.

All are designed to work on both Windows and Macintosh systems and can be downloaded to portable video devices.

See a Short Video of Our Interactive Education Tools Here!

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