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Aesop's FablesAesop wrote many, many fables. Three of Aesop’s most famous fables are included in this Interactive Educational Software. Each fable teaches and emphasizes a different life lesson.

“The Hare With Many Friends” is the story of a hare who was popular with the other beasts who all claimed to be her friends. But one day she was in real trouble when she realized the hounds were approaching. She hurried from friend to friend to seek their help, but each and every one had a reason they could not help her then. Fortunately for the hare, she took to her heels and luckily escaped. Moral: He that has many friends, has no friends.

“The Fox And The Grapes” is the story of a fox who was strolling through an orchard when he came upon some delicious grapes hanging from a vine. Trying as hard as he could, and with several attempts, he could not reach the grapes and finally realized he had to give up. In his frustration, he made the decision saying “I am sure those grapes were sour anyway.” Moral: It is easy to despise what you cannot get.

“The Ant And The Grasshopper” is the story of a grasshopper who did not realize the importance of planning ahead. The Grasshopper chided the ant for diligently working to store food for the winter when it was such a beautiful summer day. The Ant continued his quest for storing food and warned the Grasshopper that he was being foolish. Winter came and the grasshopper was starving, but the Ant had stored plenty of food to last through the winter. Moral: It is best to prepared for the days of necessity.

Correlated To NCTE Reading Standards: The National Council of Teachers of English standards addressed in Aesop’s Fables include:

  • Comprehension
  • Data Gathering
  • Ethical Experience
  • Evaluating Data
  • Human Experience
  • Interpretation
  • Language Structure
  • Lessons of the Fables
  • Presenting Results
  • Self Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Identification
  • Word Meanings
  • Writing Skills, Writing Process
  • Writing Strategies

Interactive Story and Activities: This is much more than a simple children’s story. The child can interact with the written content on a word-by-word basis to learn pronunciation and meanings. Fun interactive activities reinforce the learning experience.
Download Contents: This software download comes complete with:

  • Interactive Storybook Application: PC version
  • Interactive Storybook Application: Mac version
  • Fun activities!
  • 14 page PDF workbook and certificate of completion

Price: $4.95

A note on your downloaded files:
For compatibility with all Web browsers, your download products are delivered in industry standard compressed ZIP files which contain both the PC and Mac versions of the software plus the PDF workbook. It is likely you can uncompress your downloaded file by simply double clicking on it. If your computer does not have an unZIP utility, we recommend this FREE utility:
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