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… for PC or Mac computers

Smiles For SmilesThe importance of a good breakfast cannot be over-emphasized to students. After a full night’s sleep, (at least 8 to 9 hours for younger children), the body needs to refuel every morning. Good breakfast choices include low-fat grains, milk for calcium, and fresh fruit for energy. The CD/Workbook explains that no food is “bad” but some types of food make for a healthier choice. A good accompanying resource for Smiles for Smiles is the government’s new Food Pyramid at

Research tells us that there is a link between nutrition and learning. Children who do not have enough to eat are often tired, disinterested, irritable or hyperactive. Many teachers believe they see a change for the better in students when nutrition programs are introduced.

In Smiles For Smiles happiness is found when a group of friends who missed breakfast get together for a nutritious snack.

Correlated To NCTE Reading Standards: The National Council of Teachers of English standards addressed in Smiles For Smiles include:

  • Comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Human Experience
  • Interpretation
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Identification
  • Word Knowledge
  • Writing
  • Writing Strategies

Interactive Story and Activities: This is much more than a simple children’s story. The child can interact with the written content on a word-by-word basis to learn pronunciation and meanings. Fun interactive activities reinforce the learning experience.
Download Contents: This software download comes complete with:

  • Interactive Storybook Application: PC version
  • Interactive Storybook Application: Mac version
  • Fun activities!
  • 14 page PDF workbook and certificate of completion

Price: $4.95

A note on your downloaded files:
For compatibility with all Web browsers, your download products are delivered in industry standard compressed ZIP files which contain both the PC and Mac versions of the software plus the PDF workbook. It is likely you can uncompress your downloaded file by simply double clicking on it. If your computer does not have an unZIP utility, we recommend this FREE utility:
  • For PC version click here
  • For Mac version click here

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