Tall Corn a Tall Tale Educational Software

… for PC or Mac computers

Tall Corn a Tall TaleTall Corn is a tall tale that teaches the lesson about being patient with yourself and learning to like the way you are. Alice is unhappy as the shortest member of a very tall family, but all that changes when she is swooped up by a fast-growing stalk of corn. Alice must wait and wait while everyone on the ground tries to figure out how to get her down. Suddenly the corn begins to pop and Alice ends up safely on the ground and feeling more comfortable about her size.

Correlated To NCTE Reading Standards: The National Council of Teachers of English standards addressed in Tall Corn a Tall Tall include:

  • Comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Creativity
  • Dictionary Skills
  • Knowledge/Discrimination
  • Language Structure
  • Recall
  • Research Skills
  • Visual Communication
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Knowledge
  • Writing Strategies

Interactive Story and Activities: This is much more than a simple children’s story. The child can interact with the written content on a word-by-word basis to learn pronunciation and meanings. Fun interactive activities reinforce the learning experience.
Download Contents: This software download comes complete with:

  • Interactive Storybook Application: PC version
  • Interactive Storybook Application: Mac version
  • Fun activities!
  • 14 page PDF workbook and certificate of completion

Price: $4.95

A note on your downloaded files:
For compatibility with all Web browsers, your download products are delivered in industry standard compressed ZIP files which contain both the PC and Mac versions of the software plus the PDF workbook. It is likely you can uncompress your downloaded file by simply double clicking on it. If your computer does not have an unZIP utility, we recommend this FREE utility:
  • For PC version click here
  • For Mac version click here

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