Henny Penny

… for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

ipad apps for kids Henny PennyHenny Penny is the story of a chicken that believes the sky is falling and feels responsible to notify the King (and others along her journey) of their impending doom. There are many variations of this story, some of the earliest being recorded in 1865. Interestingly the basic theme, and the common elements of this well-known English fairy tale, can be found within Buddhist scriptures. The moral to be drawn from this story is that when faced with what seems to be a disastrous situation, there is usually a rational explanation.

Casey at the Bat Children's Book App

Henny Penny is now available for 99¢ as a Children’s Book App on the Apple App Store, compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


– Automatic navigation and narration
– Narration options of professional adult narration or silent for self reading
– Automatic or manual page turning mode
– Highlighted or non-highlighted text option
– Onscreen text to help early readers make associations between the words they hear and see

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