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Another Great Classic
The artwork in these stories is amazing. I haven’t seen the story of Aladdin in any other book formats for my kids (except for the Disney movie) – so this is really a great way to share the story with them. I recommend this app for any fans of the story – and those who want to read it for the first time/

Classic Story Classically Done
The images are rich in color. This book is a visual treat to a old classic.

Thanks Again
My daughter loves the narrators’ voice, and I love the addition of the green highlighted text.

Alice in Wonderland

Love Alice!
This is a great classic! I like the music in the background, really adds to the story. Another great book for on the go!

My Favorite Classic!
If you can’t tell, me and my kids really enjoy these apps. This is our favorite of the Classics. The narration is great. My kids are even more excited to see the movie now that they’ve read this picture book.

Casey at the Bat

Great App for a Classic Poem
This poem is so under-rated. I only hear references to Casey, but rarely see the poem in it’s entirety. This app is a great presentation of the poem. My older child gets it and likes the narration and pictures. I’m a huge fan myself – excited for baseball now that I have it.

Sweet! Good Old School Story on a New School Device
Great combo – art is killer – story is good and kids like it. The narrator means it works even when you can’t read it. Good deal – grab it for the next trip. 🙂

Gorgeous Pictures
Plus a well written poem.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Great Illustrations Added to an Old Favorite
The illustrations are like works of art and translate well to the iPhone or iPad. And the story is a classic favorite. Your kids will love this new application.

Great on the iPhone and the iPad
can’t go wrong with this story – images are native on the iPad and the iPhone – great version. very pleased.

Great narrator, great illustrations, great story = great app!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

An Old Favorite Available to Kids Now
I loved this classic as a kid and now you child can enjoy it on the iPhone/iPad. I highly recommend buying this app.

Love the Classics
Having the classics for my kids is awesome. They are self-narrated, great pictures, good quality. 5 stars!

Kids Will Love This One
Very spooky! I love the narrator and I love the artwork. A classic story well told.

Little Red Riding Hood

Great Classic
My girls love this story!

Classic Story and a Fun App
My kids really enjoy this story. The artwork is nostalgic. I like this line of classic stories that is being produced by this company! Great entertainment!

A Great Buy!
My 3 year old granddaughter loves this story. The pictures are bright and cheery and keeps her entertained! She’s nearly 4 now and still wants to ‘read’ it!

Peter Pan

Great Narration
Really like the classic audio and illustrations.


Peter Pan
Love this story in this format.


Good Pics, Good Story
The setup was good and I liked the story!

This Seems Like a Disney Story
This book reminds me of a Disney story. I think it may be the Pinocchio ride at Disneyland… :). My kids like the story – and it’s a great lesson on telling the truth (like we need to be reminded of that). I recommend this app.

Love reading it!
The book is alright. I like reading it to my child!

Robin Hood

Thanks Knowledge Works!
Thank you! My kids love your books and fight over the iPad constantly to hear/read them. This one blends music in nicely! Well done!

Classic Story Retold
An old favorite story in a new format that kids of many ages can enjoy.

Great Classic Retelling
Great retelling of a classic. Almost like an old school cartoon with words and still pictures. Probably best for 4 years and up – good long story.

The Three Little Pigs

Best Choice For a Classic Story
I know there are a lot of Three Little Pigs to choose from in the app store but I checked out the others and this version created by Knowledge Works is the best one. Your child will love it.

Good Choice
Lots of 3 little pigs options – I went with this one because I liked the style of the drawings. The narrator is great. I’m very pleased.

Great Illustrations and Narration
This is one of my favorite stories and this app tells it well.

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